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Sunday, February 18, 2007


My session today had me wondering if I was getting rusty.... I had forgotten how on-the-go 2 year olds were, and how 4 year olds just looove to give their biggest cheesin fake smile. However, I think I was able to dig up some reserve and capture the beauty in these two blonde cuties.

Cole_21807_150 Cole_21807_265

Proof_39_5 Cole_21807_104

Their mom is a friend of mine, and I've known Emma, the oldest, since she was a little itty bitty babe. She was actually one of my "guinea pigs" when I first started learning about photography... I had (still have) a manual Canon AE-1, and I had gotten ONE great picture from that session. 4 years and much experience later, I'm capturing them again. Carrie, I can't wait for you to see your gallery. You're going to love it. Graci sure made me work, but I promise... you'll be thrilled.


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