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Sunday, March 25, 2007

More Big Blue Eyes

More to peek at... if you caught my last post with Maria's teasers, lucky you. I had to pull them down, though, as I had proofed them on my laptop and they were not looking too good. I'll be redoing those images on my desktop this week.

So, onto my session today... My Urban Kids today were so much fun! The weather was perfect today. Lately its been rainy and cold in the morning, and the afternoons have been so warm and sunny. Lucky for us!

Miss "A" had just turned 2, and boy was she TWO! She was on the go and she sure made me work. She had the most gorgeous dark chocolate eyes (which were a stark contrast to big brother's baby blues!). She was totally into her "boo" (blankie), her daddy, and the cell phone. How typical of a little girl. She was absolutely sweet.



And big brother, Mr. "A" was a handsome little guy. I can't believe how many gorgeous blue eyes I've been able to photograph lately. I am having such a hard time converting any of his pictures to black and white because his eyes are so stunning! Mr "A" was a perfect gentleman, very cooperative and even a little reserved. I asked him to SCREAM for me... to try to loosen him up and he came back with.... "aaaahh??" Haha! I had to show him how it was done. Good thing downtown was pretty empty today!



That's it for now. I'm pretty sure I'll be back with more from this session... there are just too many good ones to hold back!

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