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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Want a Virtual Session? │ Rochester Hills Child Photographer

My camera is out of commission right now... I've been having some issues with focus and exposure, so Canon is servicing it. So, during this lull without my camera, I'll share those pictures I promised last week!

Here's a little peek into how my sessions are conducted. I always try to stress how relaxed I try to keep it. These are kids we're talking about, and what do kids like to do? HAVE FUN! So what do we do? We HAVE FUN!

We blow bubbles...
Proof_13_2 Proof_14

We play

We race (yes, I race with the kids... I'm sure its a pretty funny sight for parents!)

We laugh... a LOT!

We find fun in the simple things around us...
like a cellar door... and a mudpuddle
Proof_43 Proof_29_2

Sometimes there are meltdowns... and thats fine too... we simply embrace the moment.


We get moms and dads to join in and tickle tickle!
Proof_25_2 Proof_29

Sometimes we even bust out the bribery..

Which leads to some more great shots...
Proof_31 Proof_34

Of course, we do attempt to set up shots that I've envisioned... (I love how P is totally giving me the tough look!)

But they don't necessarily always work perfectly... "D" says he's DONE! :)

If you're used to the "traditional" retail chain stores... come prepared for an experience like no other.

Come prepared to have your children captured being themselves... acting silly, laughing, playing, having fun. Bring me your sucker faces, your messy hair, your shy smiles, your blanky toting toddlers, your binky loving babies, your frowning chilly little boys who don't want their pictures taken (right, Karen? And they'll attempt to break into any local business that just may offer heat and shelter to a few photo tortured little boys? HAHA!).

You'll quickly realize that the session is about no one else but the kiddos... its not about the props or the backgrounds or the perfect outfits or the perfect smiles. Its about capturing those moments that slip away all too quickly. Those moments of kids being kids... because before we know it, they'll be all grown up and those memories in our mind will slowly fade away.

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