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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Little Muse....

59 Its funny how I fall in love with many of my clients pictures, but I have yet to find/take/create a picture of my own child that I adore. Don't get me wrong... I have many many many (thousands!) of pictures of my son, yet none of them knock my socks off. Why is this? Do you know how much I am looking forward to our trip to Florida, when we'll spend 11 days with Jessica and her family, just so that I can get another photographer to attempt to capture a great image of my son? (sorry, Jess... you have great expectations to live up to LOL!) Anyway, I look forward to the exchange of sessions that Jess and I will do with our kids, and hopefully we'll each end up with some great pictures of our kids in different perspectives than we normally attempt.

Here are a few from today... Porter and I went to the park and lake just before bedtime (his, not mine, of course!!).



The closest thing to a smiling picture of him... Now, this kid smiles all the time... he's always laughing and being silly... but pull out the camera, and he knows all my tricks. Those things I do that captivate your children for an hour or two... he's numb to them HAHA!
5907_065 5907_057

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