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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

These kind of moments make me happy...

This evening I took Porter to the library. His first trip. I was really excited, which may seem kind of weird... its just the library. Well, when I nannied, the library was my time with the youngest of the girls. She learned to count walking up those front steps. Now the youngest of the girls is going to kindergarten, and I have my own little boy to take to the library. I was so excited to take him.

Which would make you wonder why I didn't take my camera HAHA! Well, partly I didn't want to look like a big nerd taking pictures of her kid inside the library. But mostly because I forgot it in the car, and walking all the way downstairs, back outside, down the long walk to the road and across the road was too much work. I'll take it next time.

Anyway, on with the post. You didn't ask for a long detailed account of my life now, did you?

Afterwards, Porter and I walked around downtown. Or, really, I followed him around with the camera as he explored all the great and wondrous things of the town.

Now, THIS is what makes me happy. I love this.

My little man, actually letting me hold his hand. His tiny fingers actually grasping mine, not limp or pulling or twisting away from my grasp. It only lasted about 10 steps and then he was off again.


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