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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's try this out....

121306_006_1 I really like the options of being able to keep clients more up-to-date with things... my professional site doesn't really allow that. Sure, I have my galleries and all of my information on there, but I'd like to have a place to show you more... give you a glimpse further into my sessions.

Right now I'm taking a small step back and only taking on newborn sessions throughout the winter, so I will be posting some of my 2006 favorites over the course of the next few months. Check back soon.

When spring hits, and I get back into things, this will be the place to see sneak peeks into your session before your personal client gallery is up and all of your proofs are ready. Kind of a teaser, I guess you could say.

Also, below each post is a "comment" section... feel free to comment on my posts/pictures. I love to hear from you- whether you're a client or not.

Anyway, I hope this has a good turn out. See you soon!

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