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Monday, September 15, 2008

Holiday Cards have arrived...

New holiday cards have been created and uploaded.

This year the cards are revamped: They are now double sided and will not be the typical "target/walmart" photo-type card... they are on a really nice art linen paper. The backgrounds are also textured a bit, so they'll have double the texture and will be unlike any one-hour chain store cards.

They will be available in quantities of 24 and include envelopes.

1 comment:

heather said...

Can I send you my own pics to put into your cards?

Also, Could you put like a white square on the backside, a blank space, maybe look like a matted journal space for the sender to sign personally or jot a little note to recipients?
I love the thought of photo cards and thought about going that easy route this year, but I can't get past the no signature thing... it's one of my peeves when I just get a blank photo card generically mailed to me. It's much nicer when someone at least takes a minute to sign the card or say a quick hi and happy holidays to me themselves instead of just stuffing and sending them off without a thought!
If I did photo cards I'd definitely want space for a quick handwritten greeting and signature... any room on yours for that??


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