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Monday, July 27, 2009

Nicole and a Date with 8 │ Jackson Michigan Maternity Photographer

Yesterday I wrangled up four of my preggo friends and we headed downtown to play around with my new baby: a Canon 5D Mark II. I'm typically used to doing maternity sessions indoors with window light and dramatic lighting. I'm not used to urban type maternity shots and I really wanted to try my hand at it.

Quite frankly, I sucked. 10 minutes into it I was out of ideas! Thank goodness these ladies are gorgeous and so funny and willing to put up with my weird ideas. We tried some things that, well, uh... just didn't work. And then we tried things that were amazingly brilliant. It was a trial and error thing and I'm so luck to have willing guinea pigs!

Here are just a few of my favorite shots.

Maria: 29 week:

Carrie: 30 weeks
LeeAnn: 37.5 weeks

These.... oh these are my absolute favorites. LeeAnn mentioned she brought along a scarf. She didn't think I'd ask to use it in this way..... I think these images turned out great! Thank you, girls, for braving the alleys of Jackson and getting naked for my pictures! :)

Leslie: 37 weeks


Denise said...

Nicole, what are you talking about these are GORGEOUS! What some HOT mama's - seriously, how awesome that they will have these to look at later. Keep it up - you should definitely do more maternity shoots like this one. Def. on of my favs!

Carrie Cole said...

Carrie is actually 32 weeks today....dont backdate me, LMAO! Ya did good Nic...your a GREAT photographer...you do and think of things that I, myself, never would! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Those are terrific! I love the urban backdrop. Seeing these makes me wish I had embraced my pregnant self a little bit more and taken more pictures (or had someone way more talented do it!)

Steph said...

These are gorgeous!!!! How good do these preggo girls look?! I love the first picture with the shadow. You did great!!

Lori said...

Great memories they'll have from these beautiful pictures. Everyone looks amazing!

JoNa Photography said...

Wow you are rockin' the FF girl! These are awesome! Such lovely pregnant women.

jenny said...

these ROCK! such gorgeous ladies and such an awesome photographer to capture them! nice work.

kimca01 said...

Those are stunning! I so wish my boobs would fit into a scarf LOL


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