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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Anderson │ Jackson Michigan Newborn Photographer

Anderson's mommy and I go way back... oh nearly 20 years (am I really THAT old?!). We met in 4th grade and were inseparable throughout school. We were even nicknamed Chip and Dale (you know... the chipmunks ;) ) by one of our teachers.

Its amazing to think about the life changes our friendship has gone through... from rascally 8 year olds to awkward middle schoolers to mischievous high schoolers and dramatic college students.... to graduating college, moving, marriage, careers... and now parenthood.

Mind boggling.

Little Mr. Anderson... "Bean"... was quite the stinker during his session. He was as content as could be.... AWAKE. Now, I like my newborns sleepy. Sleepy and curly. He wanted nothing of it and defied odds and stayed awake nearly 5 hours!

I had a handful of ideas I wanted to try with him but unfortunately wasn't able to pull through. I did capture this one awesome picture, though. I love this hat (and this baby!)


LeeAnn Howard said...

Awww, He's gorgeous Maria!! I love the one of her and Anderson. :)

Maria said...

I love them all, you are so fabulous Nicole! Thanks a ton for hanging out so long to get these great shots!


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