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Friday, April 23, 2010

Mother's Day is just around the corner.....

Alright moms.... how many pictures do you have of your children...ahem... with YOU in them?  When was the last time that you were in a  picture with your children?  I know, I know.... I hear you making all those excuses and thinking it's no big deal.... at least you take pictures of your kids, right?  
But think about this.... how many pictures do you have of you as a child with your own mother?  Probably not as many as you wish you had, right?  And when your kids grow up and look back... are they going to wish they had more pictures of themselves with you in them?  Of course they will... they will want those memories of you as much as you want them.  
I hear the excuses now.... "When I lose a few more pounds."  "When my awful haircut grows out"  "When I'm thinner.... or tanner... or have a better wardrobe.... when I get more sleep at night...."  Let's face it, mom's.  Its like the old saying with having children.... if you wait until you have more money to have kids, you'll never have kids. 

Well, here is an awesome opportunity for you to capture some moments with you and your little one(s) this year.  Throw away all those excuses, take a moment and capture the love.  This Mother's Day, along with pampering yourself with a manicure, getting your hair done or a new outfit (yes... do it!), make sure you put a Mommy and Me Session with Nicole Barczak Photography on your Must-Have list.

And.... this year I am teaming up with Jane Dawson of Jane Dawson Designs to offer this fabulous Limited Edition Mother's Day package for the month of May only....
Limited Edition Mommy & Me Session- $150

-On location

-1/2 hour duration
-Gallery showing a minimum of 10 images
-Two 5x7's
-Your choice of Jane Dawson Necklace (see choices below)

(one name tag- additional name tags are $12.50); 

(one name tag- additional name tags are $12.50)

(two initials- additional initial tags are $12.50)

Offer expires 5/15/10.  Sessions must be booked prior to 5/15 and the session must be booked for a date in May or June 2010.  Limited Edition Mommy & Me Sessions are limited to mothers and their children only.   Session must take place in Jackson or 20 mile surrounding area.  Please email Nicole for any further details and information.

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