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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Housekeeping: Changes

Well it seems I've been on a little hiatus here on the blog... and I'm not sure anyone even reads this (maybe through Facebook?) but I wanted to update all of my past, present and possibly future clients to some changes that are happing with Nicole Barczak Photography.

As many of my current clients know, photography is my second job.  I work during the day as a Language Arts Specialist (aka in my district as a Literacy Coach).  My day job, compiled with my two young children, a husband, home and the mundane daily things to keep up on... life can be pretty chaotic and stressful.  Did I also mention I'm in the process of going back to school for my Master's Degree?  Yes.  Last semester I took a class and after a busy fall with sessions (plus work, and kids, and home and husband, and everyone being sick, and the holidays....), life got a bit crazy.

With the New Year comes resolutions and changes and evaluations of life.  I've definitely done some evaluating and originally I had decided to take a step back from photography (possibly more like a giant leap back..) and cease taking on any clients for at least the first half of this year.    However, just a few weeks after deciding this I'm itching to plan things for this year for photography.  And I realized I would be a bit sad to quit altogether.

I am still going to take a step back and I will be saying no a lot more, and probably being a little pickier as to which clients I take on (mostly because space will be VERY limited).  I have come up with a tentative plan for the year and, although it is subject to change at any time I feel necessary, I think it might be just what I'm needing right now.  I don't want photography to overwhelm me and consume my life with my family.  I love photography and one of my goals this year is to find within myself the spark that inspired me to get into photography in the first place... to capture those little moment with my children and my OWN daily life.  To do this I need to step back a little from capturing everyone else's life.  :)

Are you still with me?

Here is the current availability through this summer:

January-May:  I will take on ONE client per month.  Session requires the purchase of a Collection (which start at $400).    January has been taken, there is room for February and March is pending a session deposit.

I will probably be doing Mommy and Me Sessions in April or May... again, teaming up with Jane Dawson Designs to provide you with amazing keepsake necklaces.

June-August:  I will take on no more than ONE session per week.

Once fall hits, I'm not sure where I'll go from there... I'll keep you updated!

I would like to thank all of my wonderful clients from 2010 and wish everyone a Happy New Year!  I hope this year has started off great for everyone as it has for me.

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