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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life changes and new announcements

I've been a huge slacker on the blog here, and that is about to change all too soon.  Many of my past and repeat clients know that my "day job" is teaching... I have my teaching degree and have been working as a Literacy Coach for the past 6 years.  A few weeks ago I had to make some big decisions and ultimately decided to quit my "day job" and pursue photography full time.  This is exciting and scary for me, though I look forward to focusing more on my passion and turning it, hopefully, into a lucrative career.  We shall see how this goes!

I plan to offer more availability this fall and winter, am tossing around the idea of converting an over-the-garage-apartment into a studio, will be putting together beach sessions and fall/holiday mini-sessions soon as well.   I have lots to do and am so excited to get started!

Part of this decision is because of an exciting new addition around here.... on April 22, 2012 we welcomed a sweet baby girl into our family- Amelia Jane Barczak.  Her big brothers adore her and we are just smitten with having a daughter!  The flexibility of photography will hopefully give me more time to spend with Amelia while she is so tiny as well as with Hudson, who is in his last year of Pre-K and will be going to school full time in 2013.  My oldest son, Porter, started kindergarten last year and the change to full days, 5 days a week, was a huge adjustment for me (I only worked M to Th at the school) to not have Friday with my biggest buddy.  They really are little only for so long, and I'm hoping to take advantage of these early years.

Of course I can't leave you without a few pictures of Miss Amelia.... aka "AJ" "Meelie"  "Sis" or "Mela J" (sorry... total photo bomb here!)


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