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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Birth of Aaron Oliver | Jackson, Michigan Birth Photographer

I had the privilege of photographing sweet Aaron's birth into this world.  If I haven't said it before (and I know I have)... births are one of my favorite types of sessions to capture.  They're a lot of work.  A lot of time.  But to me, they're as important as having a wedding photographer on your wedding day.   This moment only happens once, and is such a miracle, so why would you not have it documented? 

Births are such a raw, emotionally charged session full of moments that are second to none-  moments that take your breath away and fill you with unspeakable joy - moments of desperation and determination - moments of looking to one another for support - and that special moment when you finally meet the little soul that has been growing inside you for months.  These are moments that only happen once, and that you never want to forget.

When a woman is in labor, her focus is on one thing- delivering the baby. While she physically experiences every moment of the birth, all those little aspects that come together to tell the birth story are often overlooked. 

I love capturing the details that are inevitably forgotten in the midst of anticipation, pain and determination.

I love capturing what she can't see when she has her eyes closed.  

I love documenting her strength when her pain becomes too intense.  

I love showing her how her husband looked at her while her eyes were focused on the baby she just brought into the world.    

I love reminding her how she cried tears of joy and relief.   

My images will bring back a flood of memories that pass in the blink of an eye... memories of one of the happiest and emotionally raw days of her life.  

For more information about birth photography, please contact Nicole at nicole@nbarczak.com.   FAQ and common birth photography information is also available on the website www.nbarczak.com.  

Nicole Barczak Photography is a birth photographer in Jackson at Allegiance Health and in Ann Arbor at Motts U of M.  She is available for photographing hospital births, home births, at birthing centers, natural deliveries and c-sections.  

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Jennifer Cowan said...

This is just awesome...you did an amazing job!


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