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Monday, April 2, 2007

Little Miss "K"

Oh wow... did I just love this little girl. She was SO into having her pictures taken, I couldn't believe that *I* wasn't the one paying HER to let me take her pictures HAHA! I've decided 4 is my favorite age... I just love 4 year olds! (And, I hope I can still say that tomorrow... I'm photographing 4 year old triplet boys... I'm so excited! Its going to be a blast!)

While trekking around downtown Jackson we found a couple new walls that I am just in love with. I can't bring myself to converting these to black and white. I've started to notice all my downtown sessions have been a majority of color images, which is different for me. I usually lean towards black and white. But with all the great colors and textures that an urban setting has to offer... how can you resist?


Proof_195_2 (Right about now she was telling me her good listening ears were starting to not work. How cute is that??)


And one with mom... aren't they both just gorgeous?

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