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Sunday, April 1, 2007

J & J │ Ann Arbor Michigan Child Photographer

The forecast for today was storms and strong winds. Neither of which we encountered until late afternoon. Which was great for my sessions... the weather turned out beautiful! (its supposed to snow later this week... so lets hope that THAT forecast is wrong too LOL!)

My first session today was with two little "J's". They are both so adorable, and have the sweetest smiles. While 3 and 1 are probably two of the hardest ages to photograph, I'm always up for a challenge. Mom and dad were awesome to work with... very cooperative and great at interacting with the boys to get them laughing and smiling. I always love that.

For this session I had scouted out downtown Ann Arbor, in which I found quite a few great locations. We didn't get to all of them, as the sun wasn't working to our advantage, but we did find some pretty neat places... check out this great mural! (I just noticed they both have similar poses in these pictures... too funny!)

Proof_008 Proof_024

Big brother and I found some ALLIGATORS in a window... eeeek!

While little brother found some fun blowing raspberries on the window of a door..

These two are just too too cute.. I can't get enough of their sweet little grins.

Thanks for sharing your morning with me!

(Ok, just one more for you Emily! I love this one.... LOVE it)

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