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Friday, April 20, 2007

Sorry I've been MIA

I'm not sure if I really even have any readers here, LOL, but for those of you who do read, I'm sorry its been so long since I've posted.

I have been wanting to share these images from a "mock session" last weekend. I drove to Chicago area to visit Misty Woodward and get some one-on-one help from her, and on Sunday I got to do a lot of shooting with her kids. We had a great time- her kids are wonderful, and so beautiful also.

Tonight I'll share Miss Hannah... we did a little bit of a "lifestyle" session with her... images in her room reading, playing with her dolls, and putting on makeup.
Woodward_41507_177_2 Woodward_41507_171
Woodward_41507_170 Woodward_41507_333
Woodward_41507_168 Woodward_41507_179

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