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Monday, April 23, 2007

Surprise, Jean! │ Chelsea Michigan Child Photographer

I'm sure you thought I didn't capture a thing of your darling little girl, but I have news for you.... check this out!

Let me give you all a little history. I met with Jean and her daughter, Miss Amelia last Monday and it was windy. SO windy. I was afraid this little cutie was going to get blown away! I reassured Jean that I'd never had to do a reshoot (and as I said that, I jinxed myself LOL!). Well, even after trying to get some shots in this tucked away alley, it was just too cold. Amelia was freezing and just wanted her mommy and her coat. We threw up the white flag and decided to just reschedule. Bummer. I actually didn't even look at the images until today... nearly a week later. I almost just scrapped them, thinking "Ehh, we'll just reschedule and start from scratch." Well, I'm glad I didn't toss these... check out what I caught.

Gorgeous big, brown eyes

Isn't this purple wall PERFECT? I love these locations I've been finding (and, note to self and parents... eeek... don't forget to toss out the gum before your session! haha! I had to do a little "work" on this one...)

And a warm snuggle with mommy..

Well, thats it. From the quickest ever 15 minute session! :) I can't wait to meet up with you guys again.

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