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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here you go, Emily │ Saline Michigan Child & Family Photographer

You didn't think I'd write that long, rambling post and forget your sneak peeks, did you? I figured you'd be refreshing this page until a new post with your peeks came up :)

Well, what can I say, another delightful meeting with a great family... you might remember these little guys from this session a few months back. Like last time, we were battling "good weather/bad weather" all day, wondering if we should reschedule or not. Luckily the weather held out and we were rain-free for the evening.

Of course, I have to share this one. Emily is a FBR (Frequent Blog Reader) of mine and when little Jacob started blowing zerberts on my reflector she says "OH! HAHAH! I know that one will end up on the blog!" Well, your read my mind! Its too cute to not share.


I have lots of images from this session that I could share, but my ABSOLUTE favorite images are from the very very end.... we unleashed these boys on a few mud puddles and, well, I think the images speak for themselves...


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