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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Apparently I'm famous...

Let's see... where to I begin...

I had a session today in Saline, and afterwards I decided to take it slow coming home. Porter was at my inlaws, my husband was golfing, so I thought... hey, I'll make a few stops along the way.

My first stop was McDonalds. Third time in the last week... this traveling and being gone at meal times is going to start taking a toll on my rear... I love me some Double Cheeseburgers... but.... my pants don't. I do have to give a shout out to the Saline McDonald's Drive-Thru worker for greeting me with SMILE and being genuinely polite. I swear, sometimes I think that the criteria for working fast food is something along the lines of "You must frown, mumble and avoid eye contact."

Anyway, where was I... Yes, rambling. Ok... so I leave McD's, scarf down my 99cent heart attack and somewhere around exit 167 my gas light comes on. Hmm... well, the Chelsea exit was coming up, and on the Chelsea exit is the scrapbook store. (Yes, I'm also a scrapbooker!) I have had a major creative block lately, and seeing I had no one to come home to I figured I'd stop in and browse for awhile (usually meaning an hour or two) and see if I can get some new goodies. While browsing I overheard the girl mentioning something about closing soon... so I ask what time it was and, what do you know, they closed in 5 minutes. I grabbed a few sheets of paper quite randomly and headed for the counter.

The girl apologized for rushing me, and I let her know that it was a good thing or she'd have been kicking me out about two hours from now. She asked my name to find my account and I (of course) said "Nicole Barczak". Her mouth dropped to the counter (ok, so maybe not so far) and she said "YOU'RE the photographer! I work with Hollie Freye and we were JUST looking at your website today! I love your work! Wow that is so crazy!"

It was so crazy that someone out of the blue knew who I was. I was so flattered and flabbergasted all at the same time I didn't think to find out how she knew about me. I stuttered something about not being able to scrapbook lately and just finishing a session and.. and.... and... and I left. HAHA!

How neat! So, Scrapbook Memories fan, if you're reading, "Hello!"

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