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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Eagan │ Jackson Michigan Baby Photographer

You'll probably remember Eagan from the Baby, You're Beautiful! Contest... he was one of the top 3 winners. After my morning with Eagan and his family, I can easily see how he was a winner... he is SO cute!

I can't tell you enough how lucky I am to have such a great job. One of my favorite things is getting to hang out with such cute little people, making them laugh and smile, goofing around and then heading off towards home to view all the great images of them that I captured. I also love meeting these little people's families too... along the way I've met some wonderfully sweet parents and I always enjoy new conversation with each and every new client I have.

Well, I guess I'll stop rambling on and on... and get to the pictures, already!

When I arrived for this session, I woke Eagan from his beauty sleep. He had the sweetest sleepy eyes and gave me this pouty lip as he studied me. He was in his jammies then, so I waited to snap pictures when he was dressed. Lucky me, I was able to catch that cute pouty look later on!


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