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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Do I get an award or something?

Three kids

under the age of 6

in the SAME photo

all happy.

What's even better?


No, seriously though, these kids are great... this was my second session with Elizabeth and Aaron (the oldest kiddos) and I absolutely loved when we met up how excited they were...

"Remember when I found that GOLD COIN for Chuck E Cheese?!"

"Are we going to that cool place where all the rocks are?"

"Remember when we played hide and seek? That was so fun!"

Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

So, this session was mainly all about Sarah, as her third birthday is coming up soon. Sarah has the most charming smile and eyes that light up right along with it. I was going through images and came across this one:

Honestly, I'm sure it was taken purely by accident. I actually think I was messing with some settings on my camera and fired a test shot. And look at that... beautiful smile... beautiful Sarah. Not the "typical" portrait, (and I promise I did get pictures with her whole head, mom and dad!) but I just love love love it.

And, as I said before... more feet. I can totally see this one in a 10x20. PERFECT.
(hmm... maybe in a mud room or bathroom???)

Alright... thats all for now!

1 comment:

LeeAnn said...

i love the one of the feet!! Great idea for a family too!


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