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Monday, August 13, 2007

Mustard, Relish... Catch Up!!

I'm swamped with sessions this week, and I'm sure to be busy playing catch up with both sessions this week as well as the sessions coming up in the following two weeks. I leave this Thursday for St. Louis and I apologize to all clients this week for any delay in getting your gallery up. My gallery posting will be closer to the 2 week time frame, and I apologize. Also, a heads up to anyone placing orders.... if you order isn't in by Wednesday this week, images won't be sent to the lab until I return home (so, prints will be delivered approximately the second week of September). I'm working hard to get as many galleries up before I leave as possible, but I am only human... right?

So... back to catching up....

Its been a whirlwind of week so far, and its only Monday! Here are a couple of my favorite images from one of my sessions this past weekend. This family was absolutely adorable, and can you imagine how excited I was to see this little girl dressed in this when I arrived:

A cute pink sundress and PINK RAINBOOTS! So so cute. I love funky, fun outfits like this. Funky hats, colorful rainboots, scarves, trendy mismatched clothes... so much character and so fun! She was a little cutie too, and quite a talker! I couldn't understand everything she said, but she sure had a lot to talk about!

Now, most of my sessions I do a majority of black and white and mix in some color images also. But this session, man, it just screamed "COLOR! COLOR! LEAVE ME COLOR!!" Ok, so maybe not quite like that... but I had such a hard time deciding on images to show you in black and white because they all just were "colorific" to me!

Both kiddos had the most beautiful blue eyes.

And, one last one. I was on a "feet kick" (no pun intended) this weekend, so there will be more feet images to come!

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LeeAnn said...

theres a family one.. i like that 1


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