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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grace │ Jackson Michigan Newborn Photographer

Grace just turned 3 weeks old today, and this is already her second "unoffical" session with me. She was thrilled with being in the spotlight during her original session date when she was 11 days old, so I revisited to hopefully catch her on a happy day.

Today Grace was just as wide awake and curious as she was before, only she was happy this time. She's already growing up way too fast for her mommy and daddy... she was keeping an eye on everything going on, lifting her head up and looking around and trying to scoot on the floor. Silly girl... doesn't she know she's a newborn?

Luckily, after over 2 hours of hanging out with Grace and her family, she finally fell asleep and I got some of my absolute favorite images in that last 10 minutes of her session. It was completely worth all the waiting and patience that her parents and I put into her sessions. I didn't mind one bit as her parents are great company and I'd do it all over again just to hang out with this little cutie. I could seriously eat her up she's so adorable.

And one from her "first" session..

Notice a trend here on the blog... newborn, newborn newborn? Let me just remind how how NOT good this is for "baby fever". I can't believe *MY* baby is so much a toddler now!


JoNa Photography said...

What a sweetheart! I just adore that first one. Beautiful work. It "almost" makes me want another one.

Jane said...

These are adorable, so worth the wait. I love the second one, such a classic "Grace face". Thank you for your patience, can't wait to see the rest.

Nicole said...

What gorgeous photos! It's so nice to know there is someone local that takes such artistic photographs. You will definitely be hearing from us to book a session!

Nicole McIntosh (Jane's Sister-in-law)

Denise Gibb said...

Oh my word! Thse are GORGEOUS Nicole - and that sweet face, ugh! So sweet!


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