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Friday, August 24, 2007

On my way home

In a delirious attempt to post this early this morning... I accidentally posted on my old blog.


Anyhow... my post for this morning (Friday)

I'm in a hotel in Indianapolis, getting ready to make the second leg of my trip back from St. Louis. Let me tell you, traveling with an 18 month old- alone- is not fun. We had quite a few "want to break down and cry" moments last night (for me... Porter was already breaking down and crying!). I left at P's bedtime, hoping he'd fall asleep quickly (which he did, after 20 minutes of fussing and 15 minutes of me singing every nursery rhyme I could remember, back to back). I thought everything would be fine, other than the fact that I had 180 miles still to go, it was dark and lonely on the highway, however, when I stopped for gas half an hour later it woke Porter up which ensued 40 more minutes of crying an screaming from him to get out of his seat. Fun stuff, I tell ya!

Anyhow, my vacation was wonderful. For those of you who didn't get the scoop, my husband and I came for a surprise birthday party for friends of ours who just moved to St. Louis area from Jackson. My husband flew home Monday for work, and Porter and I stayed out the week so I could have more time to spend with my friend. Visiting good friends who live far away is always bitter sweet... its great to spend time with them but its so sad to leave as you realize how much you miss them!

However, it was also a working vacation (I managed to squeeze in a few sessions), so once I get home I promise to have some adorable sneak peeks for you!

Just a few things for those of you waiting for prints, emails or phone calls:

  • If you emailed me or left me a voice mail over the past week, I will return those before Tuesday, I promise!
  • If you ordered and paid for prints before I left (The 16th), those orders will be shipped out Monday morning so keep an eye out for a package next week!
  • If you ordered before I left and mailed a check (so, it was received while I was away), OR if you ordered and paid while I was away, those images will sent to the lab for processing once I return home and you can expect delivery around the middle of September
  • Jane- I'll see you and Grace on Saturday and as far as I know your announcements should be in and I'll bring them along.
  • Nicole- I will be mailing out your images as soon as I return home, so look for those next week!
  • Robin and Carly- I promise to finish processing your session as soon as I return home
  • Erin, Marisa and Jennifer- I'll have your galleries up next week also!

I'm trying my best to make sure my absence has as little impact on you guys as possible. I apologize for any delays, and I'm doing my best to keep things running smooth.

Thanks everyone!

1 comment:

LeeAnn said...

I had noticed that you blogged to your old site that day, but knew you really couldn't do anything about it by the time I saw it, since you were on your way home. I didn't realize that I still had your old photography site up on my google blog reader.


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