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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Meg and Duncan │ Jackson Michigan Child Photographer

I told myself I wouldn't work at all this weekend. But, what did I just get done doing? Editing a few images to post here for a sneak peek. *sigh* I'm addicted.

Anyhow, I'll try to keep this short and sweet, as I had big plans to day to scrapbook while Porter is napping and then we're heading to Coldwater to spend the afternoon and evening with my husbands parents. Thats about it for our big plans for the weekend.

This week I had a session with this family again for their "annual" portraits. Its amazing how much kids grow in just a year. We headed to Spring Arbor University campus to find some shade as the sun was large and in charge that afternoon.

Here is Meg last year:
Meg... oh spunky little Meg. She seems to have matured so much in the past year. I've heard stories from her mom about how she just loved having her picture taken last year and that she wanted to "practice poses" for me. Well, she was ready when I arrived! We took a few photos in the kids room, and while I was busy with her little brother (more on him later)... I walked out of his room, glanced into hers and found this...
Those are her WebKinz, by the way. And after this she proceded to tell me "Nicole, I have another idea!" and she struck another 4 or 5 poses for me. She is just too much. I couldn't believe she was just 5! Already she is quite qualified for a photographer's posing assistant, equipment manager (she does a great job hauling around the reflector!), and child wrangler. To top it all off, she does a sweet dance from High School Musical!

While I do have some other silly photos of her, this is one of my favorites...
Here is Duncan last year:
Now Duncan, on the other hand... he has me scared for what is in store for me next year. Energy GALORE! This little guy is exactly one year and 2 hours older than Porter. Yes, they share the same birthday! He was go go go go go go... and what a daredevil he was! He didn't bat an eye at the thought of attempting anything that big sis did, and he even wanted to jump off a ledge that was a good 2 feet higher than he stood! Silly boy. He is so sweet, though, and such a cute little talker. I sure had to work to keep up with him, and we resorted to a little reverse psychology to get him where we needed him to be. Here are a few of my favorites of Mr. Duncan...

Alright... that's it for now. Back to my regularly scheduled vacation weekend. Have a great one, all!

1 comment:

JoNa Photography said...

If you didn't work, what would I have to look at and comment on???

These are absolutely adorable. I love the pink glasses and the little scowl on the boys face in the last one cracks me up!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend...take a break!


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