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Friday, August 31, 2007

A princess who wears pink tennis shoes.│Jackson Michigan Child Photographer

Its so funny how two year olds tend to liven up sessions. This little miss (who you probably remember from this session in the spring) wasn't solo for pictures. No, the session was for her family of 5, however, Audrey was in diva mode (words from her mother) and was the star of the show. She wanted to run, drink from the drinking fountain, laugh, giggle and pick flowers. Perfectly fun things to do, right? I got her calm for a moment (and it was a moment) and we chatted about Miss Diva herself. She says she's a princess. And she wears pink tennis shoes. How cute is that?

Now, of course big brother Austin was there. He was as charming as ever- the same perfect gentleman as last time. What a great kid.

And baby sister Lexie... who just celebrated her first birthday. She sat back on the sidelines and watched sis and bro have a ball (isn't that typical for 3rd children... they are usually so laid back!). She is so so cute.

And, I can't forget a few images that just scream "FUN!" This is a little glimpse into how fun this family is. I cropped these images to 10x20 vertical images. I thought they were a perfect fit for a wall over a couch, or a long hallway or something.

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