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Thursday, September 6, 2007

The session where you realize WHY my clients are all laughing in their pictures... │ Jackson Michigan Senior Photographer

If you ask Trevor and his family, they'll tell you what a kook I am. First, we head to this beautiful park in Hillsdale (I'm not usually one to like "park settings" but this was a pretty cool park!), and the mosquitoes SWARMED me. I'm not kidding, they were starting to think they were going to get a bill from me for a blood transfusion after the session. Anyhow, for the majority of the time I was shooting I was also swatting and dancing a jig to get the bugs off of me. Quite a sight, I'd say, as I can't dance to save my life.

I have to show this one first... This one is for you, Trevor... your... uh... what did you call it? "Zoolander Pose"? (I'm so out of touch with what is "in"). (Really, though... he was blowing a mosquito away from his face. )Ok, now, back to being serious....

I'm pretty sure this one he was laughing at me swatting at the gazillion mosquitoes that were attacking me...
This one... you HAVE to click to see larger. What a HAM! He wanted some pictures of him wake boarding (right?... wake boarding?) and, of course I say "Sure!". So, we head out on the boat and I start having flashing visions of me falling off the back of the boat and having a heart attack because *GASP!* dark water!!! (I'm terrified of dark water... even lakes. I swear, there are sharks and alligators and all sorts of creatures in there!). Anyhow, his mom and I got a good laugh about that, as she never goes in the water either. I wasn't sure how well the pictures would turn out, seeing I was on a bumpy boat trying to keep my little focus point on a moving subject. Interesting. Well, lets just say after feeling like a total paparazzi (and I'm sure Trevor was feeling a little celebrity-like, eh?), I got some great shots. This is one of my favs... showing off for the photographer.

Oh, another "What a nerd photographer" moment... We were just finishing up shooting at their house, and getting ready to go on the boat.

Trevor's mom looks at me, all serious like and says "So, are you ready for the suit?"

My jaw drops. My eyes widen.

"Whaaa..aaa...? Suit?? ME?" I stammered.

"Noooo, Trevor. For the wake boarding!" she says, cracking up.

HAHAHAH! I thought that she was asking me if I was ready to put on a suit to go on the boat to take pictures. They were all dying at my stunned face. I was ready to pull out the "Uh, sorry, thats not in our contract" line HAHA!

1 comment:

JoNa Photography said...

OMG! This post cracked me up! Dark water and the "suit". I love the shot of him under the arch/bridge thing.


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