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Friday, October 19, 2007

November Sessions and Holiday Cards....

November sessions are now booked!

December.... well, lets just say the end of December is a very popular time to be having a baby... December 30th, to be exact. WHEW! So, in December I have a few sessions available in the beginning of the month (for maternity or newborns... and possibly babies under 1yr if your home is well lit with natural light). Drop me an email if you're interested in a session!

January... there is availability the second, third and fourth weeks. Again, if you're a maternity or newborn client.... email me to get your date reserved.

Yes, its getting to be that time. I believe another photographer posted on her blog it was 80-some days away. THAT IS ALL!

And what is even nearer is the deadline to order your holiday cards! All orders must be in and paid for BY November 10th. That is just 3 short weeks away. To check out the holiday card designs available this year visit NBP Holiday.

If you are wanting to order holiday cards and need your gallery reposted, email me and I will reload it for 24 hours free of charge.

I believe that is all for now... I do have a senior session to post a peek of soon, but I'll probably get to that the beginning of next week. If you try to get in touch with me this weekend via phone or email, I will get back with you Monday or Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Kristi Sauer said...

A very popular date! My dad's bday is Dec 30, 1947 his sister's bday is Dec. 30 1946 and his brother's bday is Dec 30, 1945. All born the exact same day, one year apart!!


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