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Monday, October 8, 2007

Updates Updates Updates....

I feel like I've been grossly MIA here. I owe my blog an update, as well as past and future clients. I have been extremely busy lately. Many of you may know, I do have a "day job" working as a Language Arts Specialist in 1st grade. Life has been crazy hectic trying to get back into the swing of balancing two jobs on top of being a mom and wife.

I owe a few people phone calls (sorry Barbara- I know we've been playing phone tag for weeks!!) and a couple of you emails. FYI... email is probably the best way to get in touch with me quickly. Lately most of my work is done in the evenings as long as the crazy little munchkin allows. I apologize if I take a day or two (gosh... or in some cases... quite a few days!) to get back to you.

Now, I've had quite a few inquiries about sessions this month, and while I'm thrilled to see that people are actually checking out my availability calendar I'm embarrassed to say that its very out of date. So, here's the current status:

October sessions are completely booked. Zip zilch availability. This summer I worked my tush off cramming sessions in and *breath of fresh air* I'm stepping back a little and scaling back the workload. And let me say, it is so SO nice to finally feel like I'm able to spend quality time with my family on the weekends. So, I apologize to those of you who have called thinking I had availability in October. Sorry to say, not so. I'll try to get around to updating my calendar this week.

Now, I do have a few openings in November. If you want to brave the cold. I don't mind, and we all know Michigan's weather... we could get a good 70* day in November, right? If you're up to a session in November, drop me an email (as that is probably the #1 best way to get ahold of me).

Starting around the middle to end of November I will only be accepting maternity and newborn clients until March 2008. Due to Michigan's lovely winter weather and my use of natural light only, these are the only sessions I feel 100% competent to be able to capture no matter what the lighting. We can squeeze a tiny newborn close to windows in any light. I've worked in TINY houses with newborns, so it is possible. Now, if you happen to have a home with large windows (I'm talking walls of windows) and you want a session with your kiddos, get ahold of me and we'll discuss the lighting and home situation and see what is possible.

I will also add that I probably only have about 2-3 sessions available in November and December so if you're pregnant or due in those months, get ahold of me soon!

Here are a few more pictures to share...

1 comment:

JoNa Photography said...

Did I mention that I think we might be the same person living in parallel universes? Migraines, crazy little boys, late nights, motherhood, teaching, photography...oh my!

Good to meet you the other day in person finally! Hopefully we can get together soon and hang out with the kiddos!

Love your B&W conversions on these!


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