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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lindsy │ Jackson Ann Arbor Senior Photographer

About 8 years ago, I worked at a daycare center near Spring Arbor University (where I graduated). I worked with Kris, the director, who often had her two pre-teen children with her at work. Kris and I still keep in touch here and there, and I was thrilled when she contacted me to do Lindsy's senior pictures.

Now, its been about 8 years since I'd last seen Lindsy. Isn't it funny that the girl I pictured meeting was the exact same 10 year old Lindsy I knew 8 years ago? Imagine my surprise when I walked up to this gorgeous young woman and she was no longer 10 years old!

Lindsy was honest- she was NOT looking forward to having her picture taken. I understand- I've been on the other side of the camera a time or two and it is incredibly awkward (and often I can't imagine why people PAY me for this LOL!). I think, though, that I ended up with some great shots of her- I hope I've captured what she and her family have visioned as her senior pictures.

Lindsy- it was great to chat with you this afternoon and I'm so thrilled you trusted me with your senior pictures. I hope there are at least a few that you love! Good luck with your upcoming college decisions!

1 comment:

Leslie Collins said...

I am in shock! I cannot belive how grown up she looks. What a gorgeous girl she is.


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