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Sunday, October 26, 2008

How do YOU display your portrait memories?

I'm always curious about how clients display my work in their home. Since I meet a lot of clients on location, I don't always get to see their homes or how my portraits are displayed. On occasion, I do revisit homes (specifically newborn clients who have me back for 6 month+ sessions) and I love seeing the different ways my work is displayed.

Yesterday I revisited the Phillips Family for Leanna's 1 year session (well, technically 16 months!). I met with them a year ago and was just now able to see how they displayed my work in their home. I love it! (J & A... keep an eye out for your sneak peek soon!)

I thought it would be fun to have clients email in photographs showing how they have used their portraits in their homes. Maybe if I get enough response I'll even put together a contest for the "best displayed" work! Its been a long time since we've had a contest around here!

Well, I'll be the first to participate. Many of you know, we have recently moved into a much larger home than our last, so I have lots of place to decorate! Our home was a foreclosure and it needed (still does) a lot of TLC and updating. So, slowly we're remodeling and redecorating and putting the "us" into our home sweet home. Just this past weekend I finally finished a wall in our upstairs that I'm so thrilled with. The images are 12x12's... I love the bold statement it makes... (excuse the yellowness... I'm too lazy to color correct it!)

And another spot in the upstairs hallway... one of my favorite photos of the boys.

And in our living room... (the display needs to be updated to include pictures of Hudson... poor baby!)

So, how do YOU display your portrait memories? Email your photos to me so I can share them!


Leslie Collins said...

Nic, I vote for your wall of 12x12's to be the best. It is just amazing.

Katie said...

Ummmmm...hey,where's mine??(wahhh!) I want to enter the contest too!!


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