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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jackson in Jackson │ Jackson Ann Arbor Family Photographer

This adorable little family moved to Michigan all the way from Cali. I told them I had a wonderful spot in Jackson to do some great fall pictures and thankfully they obliged and thus, we had a session for Jackson in Jackson!

I couldn't get over how adorable little Jackson was... a tiny 11 month old little guy with a fuzzy head of hair and deep, dark eyes. Precious.

Well, my wonderful tree lined, fall colored location happened to be swarming with mosquitos... but then again, it seems like everyone has a ton of mosquitioes right now. Poor Jackson couldn't figure out why everyone kept swatting at or near his face!

We did manage to get some great shots... one of my favorites (and I'm sure will be mom and dads... I can totally see this blown up BIG on a wall) is when we were playing in the leaves and by luck the wind picked up a little and hundreds of leaves began to flutter to the ground from all the trees around. It was amazing and beautiful. Jackson was awed by this.

This picture cracked me up... shows how willing mom and dad were to get him smiling. Great job! :)

1 comment:

DB&H said...

Hi Nicole,
Thank you so much, these pictures are so great!!! I can't wait to see the rest :) I hope you didn't have too many mosquito bites, we managed to make it out with only a few...thanks for your patience! Again...wonderful pictures...we are so pleased. Heather and Derek


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