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Friday, July 17, 2009

Congratulations Madelyn, Maeve and Grant!

And thank you SO MUCH to all the other entries. You guys were amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed this contest. So much that I'm going to have to do another one later this summer!

I just love contests. I really do. And I'm so glad I decided to pull the reins in on the "security" so that the contest was not completely blown out of the water this time. It was crazy to watch the last few minutes of the polls in Group 3.... it was neck and neck with Grant and Fynn & Emrick. I was watching all the comments on Facebook throughout the past few days and it just cracked me up reading everyone's statuses.

And I loved seeing this on Fynn and Emrick's mom's Facebook... uhm how cute!!
I did warn you, though, didn't I.... the voting gets SERIOUS and these mamas rally the votes from wherever they can! Awesome! I would honestly be thrilled to have a session with any one of those children... they are all so precious!!

So, our winners of Round 1 (in no particular order) are.....

NOW..... we are on to Round 2. Here's what will happen next.

Round 2 will start Sunday morning at 9am and last until Monday at 11:00pm. That is 38 hours to rally up as many votes as you can. This round will end with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner.

  • First Place will win: A free session (in the Jackson area) and the complete session (approx. 20 images) on disc with a copyright release to print images up to 5x7 size**. This is a $600 value!
  • Second Place will win: A free session (in the Jackson area) and a $100 print credit. This is a $200 value!
  • Third Place will win: A free session (in the Jackson area). This is a $100 value
So, contestants, take a break and enjoy the weekend. But don't forget to spread the word and get your votes in starting Sunday morning!!

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