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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Summertime Fun Round 1

I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's summertime pictures. It was like Christmas morning, opening up each new email to see what joyful photograph awaited for me.

The entries have been randomly split up into 3 groups. In Round 1, you will be able to vote once per group.

The winner from each group will move onto Round 2.

Now, let me give you a few tips for this contest.
In the past, participants have gotten quite serious about the voting. Meaning... they recruit anyone and everyone to vote for them. I have had participants send out mass emails throughout their family and friends, throughout their company and even grandparents send out emails throughout their friends/family/companies. I've had participants post on Facebook and Twitter and MySpace and their blogs. Numerous times... even numerous times a day. :) I just don't want anyone to get taken by surprise if they just sit back and hope for the best while other participants pull in the lead by a long shot.

Now, with that said, I will be putting a strict filter on the voting.... cookies and IP addresses will be filtered....meaning only one vote per IP address throughout the entire contest. I'm not a computer genius and maybe there is a way around the blocked IP address, but as far as I know the poll will only allow one vote per IP address. This may cause problems with people voting on the same network, but I'm going to take that chance. Sorry.

So, with all that said.... here are the groups! (Just a suggestion.... click on the image to view them larger and much clearer!)



Vote for your favorite summertime image in each group. And don't forget to tell everyone you know to vote in the contest! Good luck and have fun!!

Complete contest details can be found here.


Michelle Leigh said...

Wow, all of those pictures are great! I can't wait to see who wins!

AshleyB said...

Can I just say - Fynn & Emerick, what cool names! Definitely some hard choices... good luck everyone! ;)

Ashley said...

question nicole!! How long does round 1 last?

Kelly said...

Congrats to the first round winners! There were some fun photos to choose from.


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