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Monday, July 13, 2009

And Brady makes 3! │ Jackson Michigan Child Photographer

I last photographed these darling kids 2 years ago and was so excited to see them again... and meet their little brother Brady!

I couldn't believe how wonderful Haden and Lauren were. They were sweet as could be and you could tell they genuinely enjoyed eachother. Brady was a sweet little guy with such a charming smile! He is 1 and as all 1 year olds are (ok, except my little guy who STILL isn't walking....) he was ON THE GO!

The entire session... I kid you not... they were holding hands, hugging, posing for me. How sweet!

I think the next 2 are some of my favorite mommy shots....


Kelly said...

Those are too cute! You captured such great real moments - and what cute kiddos! Adorable session :)

Jamie said...

Can you by chance tell me where that brick blue wall is with the stars on it? It's so cute and I'm browsing your site and another girls, and they are both in it!


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