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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Three Princesses | Jackson Child Photographer

This beautiful family and I have sort of a running tradition.... no session is complete without a re-do.  Miss Grace's newborn session... it was a bust the first time so I had to revisit them.  Her 6 month and 1 year were okay... but when she was 2 we attempted another session but were rained out.  And the Twinny Twins newborn session?  Had to have a second shot at that session as well.  Their 6 month went great (love 6 month olds!) but this year... well, we had to have two shots at their 1-year session and Grace's 4-year session.  It's a good thing I love this family so much!   And really, how could I tire of taking pictures of such a beautiful family? 

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