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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Olivia Act

The Olivia Act, named after one of the children killed in Newtown, was started by Leslie Spurlock Photography. Olivia’s family had family pictures taken a short time before she was killed. Those pictures are precious and now priceless to them. Upon hearing this, Leslie was moved to give away a 30 minute family photo shoot and has challenged other photographers to do the same. We go about our daily lives and sometimes we don’t take the time or have the resources to have family photos taken. I will be taking nominations for a family who you think would appreciate this gift. This session will take place after the New Year. I will be taking Nominations until December 31st. Please email their name, contact information and a brief summary of why you chose them to nicole@nbarczak.com putting "THE OLIVIA ACT NOMINATION" in the subject line. The chosen family will be contacted via email or phone call. Please do not post their information here. The gift is a 30 minute session and a collection of digital portraits, so they may have priceless keepsakes to adorn their home. Please share this blog post. Thank you. ♥ Photographers, please consider taking part in The Olivia Act


kim bruyns said...

there is a lot of talk right now so I am researching ... maybe you know. is all of this okay with olivia's family? just a question for those who want to be sensitive to her as well. thanks

by the way I am doing this and have nominations already

Erica Toney said...

I think this is a sweet gesture to make. It breaks my heart that there are big name photographers that would make a negative comment about this offer. Thank you for inspiring others to give!

Nicole said...

Hi Kim and Erica! Thank you for your comments :) I honestly am not sure if her family is okay with this, or if they even know it is going on. I would hope they wouldn't be offended as it is an act to honor not only Olivia but the other children as well. But yes, there is a lot of talk in the photography community about if giving away a session in honor of the children is kosher or not. I'm going with my heart and saying it is okay. :)

kim bruyns said...

ya me toooooo


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