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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Holy Moly, do you believe this?!

I just got home from a nice visit with my family who is in from out of state (Virginia and Georgia) and PollDaddy failed me again... the poll was still up and running. I had it set to close at 9pm, but for some reason it was still running now at 10:30pm.

Well, anyway, not that thats a huge deal, but guess what the polls showed?

I have a tie for second place. Can you believe that?

Anyway, our first place winner, and our soon to be featured face on the homepage of the Nicole Barczak Photography website will be the adorable curly haired Madison! Congratulations! (Madison will receive a complimentary session as well as a 10x20 storyboard featuring 3 images from her session).

And, for second place... what to do what to do? Well, the ever so cute Cade and big smile Eagan have tied... so, they will both receive a complimentary session as well as a complimentary 8x10 from their session.

Congratulations! I look forward to meeting each of you! Emails have been sent regarding scheduling your session as well as an information packet. As I said in my previous post, I've been having some issues with email lately, and thus far I have not received any responses to the emails. So, if you have emailed back to reserve a date for your session, please give me a call at 517-990-2929 as I haven't received your email. (Wait.... Kristin.. I do have you down for June 7th!)

Now, one more thing. I'm thinking of holding a contest for children aged 3-7. What do you think? Is anyone interested? Post in the comments... I'm on the fence with this. This contest has been quite exhausting, so if I don't have a lot of interest, I'll just skip that idea.

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