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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Friday's (late) Interview with Nicole!

Name and city: Nicole Ruiz, Lansing

How many children and names, ages: Sienna-3 years old, Adora almost 6 months (seems like both minutes and an eternity since I was pregnant with her!)

What are you hoping Santa gets you this year: Some time to relax would be nice! :)

What are the kiddos wishing for: Sienna won't stop reiterating that she wants clay from Grandma's Lake from Santa. How we are going to make THAT work in mid winter, I have no clue.

What do you love about the holiday season: There's definitely "something" in the air this time of year. I love the sense of "joy" the season brings!!

What is something we won╩╝t catch you doing during the holidays: Hmm....not sure on that but you can bet I'll be loading up on holiday desserts!

Favorite holiday snack or dessert: My mom's famous pumpkin bread, sans raisins for me!

Your favorite websites: I can't say I have one!

Favorite book or magazine: Ode, Mother Jones....although I rarely have time to read anymore!

Favorite salon: Douglas J

Favorite restaurant: The most memorable dinner we've had was at the Foxtown Grill in Detroit.

Your favorite time of day and why: I like morning. There's something really satisfying about being up and about bright and early. Plus, sometimes Adora will catch a cat nap and I can enjoy a few sips of my latte in utter peace! :)

Do you go to work outside the home or are you a full time mommy: Ok, ready for this? I am a full time mommy with a full time job! Think taking your child to work day...EVERY day. Minus the commute. Anyone want to join in my quest for insanity?!

Anything else you would like to share with us: I have been THE biggest Prince fan since the age of three. Being pregnant and giving birth has been the most momentous and spiritual experience of my life. Dancing on stage at a Prince concert was a close second. ;)

Here is one of my favorites from her maternity session:

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