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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday's Interview with Emily!

Name and city: Emily , Saline, MIHow many children and names, ages: Joshua (3 1/2 Years), Jacob (20 months)

What are you hoping Santa gets you this year: He already got me a new camera!

What are the kiddos wishing for: Trucks, trains, anything with wheels, Thomas the train jammies

What do you love about the holiday season: Everything except the credit card bills

What is something we won¢t catch you doing during the holidays: dieting

Favorite holiday snack or dessert: Chocolate Mousse Pie that my mom makes...YUM!!!

Your favorite websites: Pg.org, slickdeals, nicole barczak photography :)

Favorite book or magazine: The last book I read was 1-2-3 Magic

Favorite salon: She comes to my house to do my hair!!! Gotta Love it!

Favorite restaurant: J. Alexander's

Your favorite time of day and why: I love when the kids first wake up and when they're winding down for the day-lots of snuggles

Do you go to work outside the home or are you a full time mommy: I work part-time outside the home, but am still a full time mommy!

I love this image from their summer session:

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