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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tuesday's Interview with Leslie!

Name and city: Leslie Collins from Concord, MI

How many children and names, ages: Reyna almost 11 months

What are you hoping Santa gets you this year:a pedicure and manicure.

What are the kiddos wishing for: fun new toys

What do you love about the holiday season: It has been so magical enjoying it with a child this year instead of just my husband and I. My husband, who usually dreads putting up our tree, was the one who initiated it this year.

What is something we won’t catch you doing during the holidays: Drinking egg nog...Yuck. :)

Favorite holiday snack or dessert:My mom's dough balls. They remind me of when my grandparents still lived here. My mom, grandma and I made them every year together. I miss that.

Your favorite websites: Target.com, Gap.com, Pottery Barn kids.

Favorite book or magazine: Parenting. Real Simple. Glamour. Any chick lit books or non-fiction biographies.

Favorite salon:Rocci's. They have a great staff and great pedicures.

Favorite restaurant: Daryl's Downtown.

Your favorite time of day and why:I am definitely a morning person. I feel refreshed and ready to start another day.

Do you go to work outside the home or are you a full time mommy: I work 16 hours a week for Catholic Charities of Jackson. The rest of the time I am a full time mommy.

Anything else you would like to share with us: hmmmm...I need to book my next session with Nic since Reyna is almost 1!!!!!

Thank you, Leslie!

And, of course...

Reyna as a newborn:

And at 6 months old:

1 comment:

Leslie A. Collins said...

Awww.....thanks, nic. i cannot believe how much reyna has changed. it's going to be crazy to have her 12 month pic's done next.


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